The History

Durso srl was born in 1975 as small mechanical workshop founded by Alberico Durso , on 1978 Durso company began producing trailer for motor hoes , we are at the dawn of agricultural mechanization and the company soon earns a very important market share in the production and marketing sector of agricultural machinery .
Since 1983, the production of the first self-propelled agricultural machines begins .
The company changes its structure over the years, moving from an individual company to a family business and subsequently to the SNC and in 1998 to SRL.
To cope with an ever-increasing and renewed demand from the market, the production of agricultural machines, used mainly in mountain areas, was added the production of operating machines .
With the operating machines we tried to combine the best comfort with important features and use versatility; the company directs its efforts towards the national and international market niche, characterized by small dimensions , versatility and reliability needs.
On 2008 Durso Srl, deeply renewed in terms of production and new product design capacity, enters the industrial vehicle market , integrating its range of multi-function machines .
Consistent with the company mission to provide solutions to the customer, not just vehicles, the company’s efforts are aimed at continuous improvement of the technical characteristics of its products, in order to make them reliable work partners.
All this, is possible thanks to a top-quality technical office , the use of the most modern design software and the considerable resources invested by the company in R&D .
On 2004 Durso Srl obtained the ISO 9001 certification , still maintained alive today with prestigious authority in order to constantly improve the production cycle and the quality offered to the customer.
Nothing is left to chance, the distribution , in fact, is entrusted to sales agents who, in addition to good commercial requirements, have adequate technical skills to ensure the necessary after-sales assistance .
From 2013 begins the production of winter maintenance machines, destined in particular to foreign markets, which in a few years consolidate their presence in the markets of Northern Europe (Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, etc …) and in Russia.
Today the company Durso srl is an important company in the world production of machine tools, agricultural machinery, industrial vehicles and multi-purpose vehicles. .. and moves over thirty years in this complex market and , at the same time, fascinating.
The long tradition and the experience learned, makes a important presence n the whole territory of’ E uropean Union and outside Europe.
Even today the strong family influence that has always characterized the company remains , the passion for all that is mechanical and the strong will to create a company on a human scale , all this allows us to build your technology with passion.