Born in 2011 from the agreement between DURSO srl and J.A.C. AUTOMOBILE, the HFC 1035 quickly established itself on the Italian market thanks to the sturdy structure of the frame and mechanics. The reinforced suspensions helped to make it the ideal partner for construction and agricultural companies, characterized by the need for a suitable sturdy vehicle for heavy duty.
Starting from DECEMBER 2018 the new version was introduced on the market, flanked from SEPTEMBER 2019 by the 4-WHEEL DRIVE version. The ability to move on rough terrain, to customize the vehicle with tool plates and hydraulic systems, complete the range of a vehicle suitable for anyone who needs versatility and sturdiness. The modern and comfortable cabin and an incredible quality / price ratio complete the features of the HFC 1035, making it a benchmark in the sector.

Engine:Kohler KDI 2504 TCR (Turbo Common Rail) Diesel 4 strokes, 4 cylinder, 2500cc
Power:55,4 kW (75 CV) – 300 Nm @ 1500 rpm
Cooling: Liquid Cooled
Frame: Pressed steel beam and treated against corrosion with stiffening crosspieces
Suspension: Leaf springs with dampers
Trasmission: 4 wheel drive, disengageble front-wheel drive
Gearbox: 6 speed with cable remote control.
Transfer case: With two gears (slow + fast) with electro-hydraulic control
Brake: Hydraulic on the 4 wheels, front discs self-ventilating and rear discs. Drum parking brake on the rear axle. Brake booster
Front axe: Rigid Elliott reverse beam (I-Beam) section 65x70x8 mm. Durso single-wheel project, IVECO first-line differential.
Rear axe: Single (S)or twin wheel (G) Durso project, IVECO differential of first installation
Steering: Endless Screw (power steering as option)
Max Speed: 90 km/h
Cabin: In molded steel and treated against corrosion with three approved seats. Equipped with a reaction spring-loaded cabin lift. Internai heating, electric windows, centrai locking, radio with MP3 player and steering wheel controls, regulatory instrument panel complete with digital speedometer, tachometer. Color WHITE
G.W.G.: 35G15K25 (13.75) 65G15K25 (16.75)
Chassis weight: From 1850 to 2000 kg (based on wheelbase)
Tow: 1500 kg for unbraked trailer, 3500 kg for trailer with inertia brake Trailer hitch and relative hook available as an option to be requested when
Electrical system: 12V with 100 Ah battery. Electric starter, regulatory lighting system
Tires: 215/75R16
Equipment: Leaf springs with dampers


(*) the version with short overhang must be specified when ordering – (**) 4WD version.

N.B The illustrations and technical characteristics are purely indicative and not binding. Any technical or commercial modification will be made without prior notice.